Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chanel Métiers d'Art Paris Bombay Show 2011

This is something complitely extraordinary! Not a typical Bollywood style, but real Indian in the eyes of Franch travelers.

Lagerfeld, who has never visited India created his own vision by way of Paris.

So classics such as the tweed jacket came with cascades of pearls or embroidered in rich gold. Nehru style jackets are embellished in white silk or transform into a long dress with buttons down the front. The masala or Indian flavour was all in the nuances – the flash of hot pink, the drape of a skirt with sari borders, bejewelled buttons and mirror embroideries for example. Instead of a traditional sari made from draped fabric, he sent out long gold and silver dresses with contrasting geometric panels to mimic where a sari is flung across the body.

"We’ve had Paris-London, we’ve had Paris-Shanghai, so it felt like time to go off the circuit, to somewhere less expected"
- Karl Lagerfeld

P.S. Uncle Karl just can't do wrong! I still don't understand how did i miss it last year!

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