Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online fashion addictions

There are fwe things i do every day and dont know how and why to get rid of them!)

First is a Fashion TV.

 I dont have TV at home (or maybe i do, just never watch it), but i always watch FTV online:

Second one is internet shopping. I check couple of online fashion shops for new staff or do complite search over when i need something. I prefere two shops:

They have the best collections of luxury brands. Sometimes they make awsome sales;) Plus they have all the fashion news and most interesting videos of the runways...
I like the way they wrap the package for shippement - you feel like your order is the most important one! 
All the descriptions, pictures of all the kind and the cat walk for each product are included.

Another one is 

This guys have EVERYTHING! Asos has its own clothing line which is really diverse in price and style, but also they offer other clothing lines from the chipiest in the market till the most expensive designers. 
They also have descriptions, pictures of all the kind and the cat walk for each product, but the best thing i like about them its a diversity and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!

And the last one:

Yes! Yes! I know its really childish!
But it's aslo really addictive!

I always try to find excuses for myself and create some use of this game, but...

 In this game you have your shop which you can design the way you want. You have to buy clothes and get money for selling it. You also get money for participating in the fashion shows and styling your customers and friends.
OK! This part i like the most - styling. Combining clothes, choosing the accessorise and a hair style, make up or even face features. OOOOw! it feels so nice to be a stylist... at least in online fashion world.
Look what i've done:

In this game you also can design your own clothes.

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