Sunday, August 28, 2011

Salsa wear

Hello, Everyone!

Salsa Jam is next suturday and im still struggling on my wear.

3 days of salsa non-stop means at least 3 different dresses!
After long time of searching and trying i came with a couple of rules for salsa wear:
1) It has to be SEXY!!!!!
This is the obvious one!))

2) It has to be comfortable.
It's difficult in respect to the first rule, but possible!

So, in order to combine these two rules follow this tips:

If you want to wear dress:
- dont have ti too short. Unless you want to show everyone your underwear!
- dont have it too long. Its ok if you dance by yourself, but if you dance with a partner you will constantly mess your lengs with it.

- dont wear bell-shaped dresses which starts from the waist. Each turn will shine with your underwear. But at least here you can put on some shirts be culm. 
- dont wear to tight. Even if its a right length, during the dance tight dress will come up till your ears!

* Always have at least one strap. It will help you to escape some oops when the leader bends you back.))

I dont like wearing pants for salsa. Usually after a while any salsa party becomes stuffy and it is too hot and difficult to dance with the long pants or sleeves. 
- dont wear low waist pants. Check what happens when you squat down.

Shorts are the best choice for the club!
- dont have them to long, becouse it aint look sexy!
Usually shorts wear bachata lovers.))

Shoes have to be ONLY for dancing! With the soft soul. 
They designed to dance and never drop!)

Check this: - for shoes - for clothes ( i already talled you about this site here )

I hope i helped you! )

Have a good salsa!

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