Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fashion reading.

To read the magazines! Not even Read, but watch.
Ones, I met a girl who was writing for a women’s magazine. “Writing?!” – I asked – “Is there something written?”. 

Basically 90% of all the women’s magazines are the pictures. I personally don’t buy the magazine if I see that the collections they show are not nice. Not any horoscope or celebrities’ news or articles like How-to-get-your-boyfriend-back will ever make me buy it!
But I know how many people work on every issue and how hard it is, that’s why I can not throw away the magazine and that’s why I refuse to buy bad ones – who want’s such a huge collection?

Anyway, I found the best alternative to magazines - style and fashion books. It took me a while to overlook them and choose the best. I just received them from Amazon and was really pleased. I bought two:  

Harper's Bazaar Great Style: The Best Ways to Update Your Look

Style Clinic: How to Look Fabulous All the Time, at Any Age, for Any Occasion

 Both of the books are actually help you to put together a 'look'. Not like I have problems with it, but I always have a need for inspiration and new ideas. Awesome magazines’ pictures and good points of the hot issues of the books are perfect for my fashion library. They also discuss the wear for different ages so could definitely serve for long.

I’ve got some other fashion books.
One of them is


Fashion Now (Icons Series) by Terry Jones 

It has all the modern designers in, but information about them is not enough or simply not interesting. Although I found out about existence of some designers.

I noticed one thing – each fashion book contains at least one statement of Coco Chanel. I came to the conclusion - COCO CHANEKL WAS TALKING ALOT!

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